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The Top 9 Productivity Myths That Just Aren’t True

And 9 more helpful alternatives you should be doing instead

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Why it's so hard to stop thinking about everything we have to get done (and so easy to forget what we've already accomplished)

The Zeigarnik Effect

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In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention.

Pico Iyer

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Why a School for Gifted Students Adopted Todoist as Its Homework Planner

Todoist helps Davidson Academy students and teachers simplify how they assign and track schoolwork—and remember birthdays 🎂

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The Sunk Cost Fallacy

Why it's so hard to walk away even when it's the only rational thing to do

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A Simple Design & Development Workflow for Building Better Apps

How we handle ongoing product QA and platform parity improvements at Doist

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Why Small Team Collaboration Usually Beats Larger Groups

Small teams work better than larger ones—as long as they're managed effectively

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10 Insights That Will Change the Way You Set (and Achieve) Your New Year’s Resolutions

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing year after year and expecting different results.

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Improve Your Focus and Find Your Calling by Working in Seasons

The rest of your life is a long time – start working in seasons instead.

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Quantify Yourself: (Mostly) Free Tools & Strategies to Track (Almost) Every Area of Your Life

That which is measured improves…

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Why Unplugging During the Holidays is Imperative for Your Health

And how to do it this year guilt-free

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The 20% of Productivity Advice That Produces 80% of the Results

Instead of chasing after the latest life hacks, focus on a few key changes that will have an outsized impact on your productivity.

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How to Complete Your Own Annual Review

Reflect on work, health, finances, and more with a personal year in review

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Starting a New Job? 10 Steps Toward First-Week Success

How to use Todoist to stay sane and hit the ground running

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13 Creative Ways People Are Using Todoist Boards

Get inspired by real-life examples of Boards in action

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The Art of Manliness’s Brett McKay on How He Stays Productive

The founder of the popular life advice website uses Todoist for setting and sticking to routines in his work and family life

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The Best Productivity Apps – A Complete List

These are the apps we recommend for building a complete productivity stack – for iOS, Android, Mac, & Windows

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Todoist Integrations That Will Boost Your Productivity

Start automating your life and getting more done with these apps.

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Using Todoist to Avoid Non-Profit Burnout

Having enough to give means taking care of yourself first.

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5 Habits for Crafting the Perfect Remote Work Day

The reality of working from home is rarely as rosy as it seems

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