Move to a team workspace

50k teams like yours rely on Todoist to keep track of their work together. But until now the only “feature” built specifically for teamwork was centralized billing.

Workspaces are the first step to giving teams more tools to simplify and organize shared work.

Not too much will change in how you collaborate with your team day-to-day. You’ll still have shared projects where you can assign tasks, set due dates, add context in task descriptions and comments, and generally enjoy all the things you currently enjoy about collaborating in Todoist.

But there are some cool new things that workspaces will allow your team to do, and they set the foundation for many more useful teamwork features to come.

To get you up to speed we'll:

  • Tell you what the heck a workspace actually is.
  • Explain some of the nifty things they’ll allow your team to do, and share some behind-the-scenes improvements we’ve made too.
  • Show you the new admin controls and team management that come with team workspaces.
  • Walk you through the simple-but-crucial steps you’ll need to take to get your team up and running. (Nothing too scary, we promise!)

By the end of this short guide, you’ll have a good overview of workspaces and will know everything you need to know to make your team’s move super-smooth. Ready? Let’s dive in:

What the heck is a workspace?

Workspace overview.png

Your team workspace is a shared home for your team’s tasks and projects. The biggest change is that all the members of your team workspace will be able to see the projects there – active and archived. (You can choose to make them private, too.) 

In contrast, your personal projects are just for you. Your team can’t see the projects and tasks here unless you specifically choose to share them. If you ever leave the team, you’ll still keep access to your personal projects.

Pretty straightforward, no? Now let’s move on to the fun stuff.

What your team can do with workspaces

Quite a bit! Everyone in your team workspace will be able to:

View and preview team projects

Browse team projects.png

Team members can now browse projects in your team workspace, preview them with a click, and join if they need to take action or just want to keep an eye on things. (You can make team projects private, too.) 

Only projects you’ve joined will show up in your sidebar for easy access.

Organize team projects into folders


Folders replace sub-projects as a shared way to organize your team workspace. Group your team projects by client, department, initiative – whatever makes it easiest for your team to find the projects they need! 

Share projects via link

All members will be able to click the link, preview, and join to take action right away. (No need to share projects manually with each teammate one by one.)


Quick tip

You can also get links to tasks, comments, and sections to reference them in an email, Twist thread, Slack message, or wherever else your team collaborates.

Group and filter by workspace in Today and Upcoming views

Group by workspace.png

Click View in the top right of Today, Upcoming, or any other view to find options for:

  • Grouping tasks by personal and team projects.
  • Filtering tasks to only focus on one area or the other.

This creates more separation between teamwork and personal work.

Quick tip

Filtering by label or assignee inside projects is also super handy inside large, complex team projects. Zoom in on the details without losing sight of the big picture. More about view options

Create custom filter views based on workspace

Filter by workspace.png

Create your own filter views to focus on the right tasks at the right time. For example, see just the tasks in your team workspace that are assigned to you and due today.  

  • Use the query workspace: team name to only include the tasks inside team projects.
  • Use the query workspace: My Projects to only include the tasks in your personal projects.

Here are a few workspace-based filters you might find handy:

Filter queryWhat it showsHelpful for…

Workspace: [Team name] & assigned to: me & next 7 days

All tasks assigned to you in your team workspace due this weekPlanning your collaborative work for the week

Workspace: [Team name] & assigned by: me

All tasks you’ve assigned to anyone else on your team workspaceKeeping track of progress on the things you’ve delegated
Workspace: [Team name] & overdueAll overdue tasks in my team workspaceSpotting blockers and adjusting plans early

More about creating filter queries

Now that we’ve covered some of the team-wide features, let’s explore role-specific capabilities you’ll gain when you're a team admin.

Other neat admin-y things team workspaces let you do

Invite people to the workspace via link

Account – Manage in browser.png

Just go to your team workspace > click on Members in the top right > copy the link.

Manage roles and control access


As an admin, you can see all the people on your team in your Members tab and change roles or revoke access at any time.

  • Admin: Can change settings, invite people, and join and create team projects.
  • Member: Cannot change settings. Can invite people and join and create team projects.
  • Guest: Cannot change settings or invite people. Can only access the team projects they're invited to. 

Prevent accidental deletion

In shared projects outside of team workspaces, any collaborator can delete projects which has sometimes led to a teammate accidentally deleting a project that can only be restored from the most recent backup.

In team workspaces, only admins and project creators can delete projects. Everyone else can only archive, which is easily reversible in your team workspace archive.

Clarify data ownership

The team owns and controls the data in the team workspace. Individuals own and control the data in their personal projects. That means everyone can get a complete picture of what’s on their plate – work tasks, life tasks, and team tasks – in one place while still protecting your team’s data.

Move existing projects to your team workspace

All the members from your Todoist Business account are already in your new team workspace. They can start creating new projects; however, existing team projects are still in the My Projects section.

Drag any existing team project from My Projects to the new team workspace.

Or move projects via the three-dot “edit project” menu to the right of each project.

By moving projects over, you allow other members to see and join projects on their own and make collaboration easier with one shared overview for the team.

Quick tip

You can also move project sections and tasks between workspaces thanks to feedback from our early beta testing community. Many testers found it useful to jot down a task quickly in their inbox and then come back to organize it later in their team workspace.

An important note about billing if you’re in a region with VAT ID

Your current Business plan subscription, billing details, and past invoices have all been ported over to your team workspace settings in the top right corner of your main workspace view.

Nothing changes to your subscription and you'll keep your legacy price (unless you cancel or change your billing cycle). However, the Business plan will become tax-exclusive starting from your next billing period.

To stay exempt from the tax that might apply in your region (e.g. EU/UK), check that the tax ID and billing information you entered in billing settings are still correct. Learn more about VAT-exempt invoices.


Billing is on a per-team basis. Each team is billed separately based on the number of members. If you create a second team and invite the same teammates, you’ll be paying double when upgrading that team workspace.

Help shape the future of teamwork in Todoist

Long story short, our goal is to build a simple yet powerful task manager that individuals and teams love using. Team workspaces are just the beginning.

This update addresses some long-standing complaints about collaboration in Todoist – cumbersome project sharing, lack of access control, sync issues – and lays the foundation for a more powerful team experience to come.

Start using your new team workspace and let us know what we should work on next!