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Welcome to Todoist!

Whether you’re managing a project or planning an exercise routine, Todoist can help. Learn the basics to stay on top of work and life.

Let’s begin

Start with a project

Todoist projects keep all your tasks organized so you can achieve your goals — large and small.

You can create projects to:

  • Make a teaching plan
  • Track a marketing campaign
  • Share a grocery list
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Add your first task

All projects begin with a single step, but don’t stop there! Add every task that comes to mind.

The most achievable tasks tend to be:

  • Super specific and clear
  • Actionable
  • Less than an hour long

Stay on schedule

Life’s smoother if you know what needs to happen when. Todoist can auto-detect due dates, nearly any way you write them!

Todoist understands things like:

  • Today
  • This weekend
  • Sept 15 at 2pm
  • Every 3rd Tues for 6 months starting in April
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Split big tasks into sub-tasks

Small tasks are far easier to complete than big ones, so break large goals into manageable to-dos.

  • Divide tough tasks into short, easy ones
  • Track all of your progress
  • Collapse for calm, expand to complete

Organize tasks into sections

Tidy up your long task lists with sections. You can neatly divide your project any way that works for you.

  • Complete projects in stages
  • Try sections like To Do, Doing, Done
  • Set a schedule by day, week, lunar cycle, whatever!
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Get things out of your head

Not sure which project a new task should go in? Add the task to your Inbox — the home for tasks without projects (yet).

Drag it into a project later

Plan your future

Find every task due today, this week, or any week in your Today and Upcoming views.

Drag and drop to reschedule

Prioritize your day

It’s easy to get lost in your task list when there’s a lot on your plate. Keep your focus with color-coded priority levels.

  • Pick only a few must-do tasks each day
  • Do your hardest task first
  • Reschedule any tasks you don’t check off

Celebrate your accomplishments

Small steps add up to big achievements over time. So take a moment to look back on all the progress you’ve made.

  • Track your successes
  • Note the challenges
  • Reward yourself for a job well done!
Uncomplete tasks, too